Kepler 3042 – Placentia Games (Eng)

Kepler - boxKepler-3042 is the new board game of Placentia Games, this time being funding through Kickstarter. With the campaign being successful it will be avaiable for Essen and Lucca Games 2016.

The game is set in a utopian future where the space exploration has become the order of the day, and you will be one of the mega-corporations designed to explore the galaxy in search of planets to colonize and terraform. All this by managing the few resources that you initially have, exploiting also the opportunity to gradually develop various aspects of the technology at your disposal.

Showing my work in this project, I’ll start from the game box:Kepler - cover

I did a little research to figure out which style would fit better in a sci-fi game choosing a more concise one with black outline and flat colors for a greater impact result. Furthermore this sign allows the various game components to be immediately recognizable even in very small sizes, like the icons of the planets that are discovered for example. Finally we choose brighter contrasting colors.

What I found more interesting is that, unlike many other games with this setting, every aspect of the product has a grounded scientific basis. In fact the game was followed by science writer Adrian Fartade, which allowed me to discover and to better represent the differences of deep space planets.

Below, the two versions of the 5 types of planets that you will meet (with their icons) from the first landing to the human settlements.

To the right, one of the 6 admirals players will use in the game to maximize their expansion. In the Kickstarter campaign you have also the possibility of being drawn as one of these, thanks to specific contests and pledges.

Regarding the concept of spaceships, I started from the idea of a spatial evolution of our container ships since, other than exploring, they have the primary function of transporting resources from one part of the universe to another. Regarding the space suits I’ve drawn them very bulky, since even in this far future we could hardly aspire to those adherents suits often seen in the movies.

Finally a GIF…

to see step by step all the processing drawings of the cover. Together with the development team, we screened each pose to make the most of our astronaut!


Here’s the video where Adam deals with scientific issues present in Kepler 3042:

Kepler 3042

For the link to the kickstarter can be found HERE, where all the components and the board, and reviews and additional information in Italian are HERE

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