Brides & Bribes – Spaceballoon games (Eng)

Currently this project is still on Kickstarter, a new board game that I had the pleasure to illustrate: Brides & Bribes, from the newborn company Spaceballoon Games.

This time we find ourselves in Genoa during the Renaissance time where five families struggle each other to gain the power and rule the city.

Here you can find their Kickstarter campaign page:HERE

As always, I explain the artistic work of these playful products starting from the cover of the box:


I tried to convey all board game elements in a unique illustration. In the foreground, the bride stand out as  is talking with a guest of the party, which we only see reflected on the glass that she holds. Behind the bride, the opposing families are plotting something about their business even if they are distracted by the Lady.

The painting over the fireplace, symbolizes the Lords of the families you will have to deal with  to arrange marriages with their daughters. The light of the Genoa lighthouse in the distance enlightens the whole scene.

While the cover has a painting style to describe the scene in a theatrical way, the other components of the game have a black line that makes them more abstract, as renaissance scrolls. Here below the game board:brides-bribes-tabellone


The initial historical reference was to the ancient maps of Genoa with staggered perspective, adapting it to the gaming requirements. In fact, the roof colors symbolize the different districts that formed the medieval Genoa with their historical monuments:
yellow VILLAGE, red FORTRESS, blue CITADEL, green MARKET, black PORT.



Above the players’ boards that are used as residence: from meeples to the tiles, the real soul of the game. To design the players’ boards, I took inspiration from works of art of that time, such as the famous “Flagellation” of Piero Della Francesca, for the central perspective and for the arrangement of subjects.

Finally, the tiles of the game are divided into nobles, wives, characters and objects. Due to their small size, we decided to imagine them as many framed portraits paintings.


Here all the components with the addition of graphics and symbols.


If you want more information, I refer you to their Kickstarter page where you’ll find many more illustrations, reviews and videos in English and Italian and many more. Finally, I leave you with the video/teaser realized by Andrea Bianchin:

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